A Solution to Effectively Address Thinning Hair

In this era when looking young at any cost is in vogue, thinning hair can be downright depressing.

When women experience aging locks they look for serums, BB cream, lasers and massages, rather anything that can effectively address the issue of thinning hair.

Women are not going bald in same numbers as men, but fuller looking hair for women is more of a necessity than just a means to look attractive.

When tresses start to thin, dry out and lose its oomph some sort of a treatment has to be on the agenda.

One hair specialist put it, “As hair ages, women tend to torture it more”. He was not far off the mark. Using dyes in excess, cutting, blowing, and drying can spell disaster to hair.

And he is literally correct when he says women must address the “root of the problem”.

Here the “root” is the hair follicle.

The follicle function weakens with age in proportion to genetic risk. Admittedly, any product that promises a boost in follicle function can deliver fuller looking hair for women.

Fortunately, Keranique Hair Products does exactly that. Keranique Follicle Boosting serum is fortified with peptides to address thinning hair. This product helps in strengthening and fortifying the hair, repairs split ends, and adds volume and thickness to each strand.

What more can women want?

This product is the right choice for women who for any reason cannot or do not want to use Minoxidil.

The good news is Keranique Hair Products focuses on women’s biochemistry.  With a diverse range of products in its kitty, women are able to take advantage of advanced formulas and revolutionary technologies.

Keranique products engineered specially for women are advanced solutions for thinning, flat, lifeless hair in women.

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